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Once our engineers had completed the product research and development a small team from Australia and one Canadian Engineer travelled in total almost 6500km around North America researching one potential market. The team spoke with many interested parties including builders, developers, property owners, councillors (council workers - in Canada they work for the town hall) etc. It became blindingly obvious...



Many homes have expensive landscaping, concrete paths and ground gutters to alleviate erosion as they have no roof guttering installed at all. Some simply have erosion problems and/or foundation damage. Others remove the gutters (eaves trough) for winter or hang the gutters so low on the fascia that any more than a trickle of rain will render them useless. And for many, what was a perfect gutter system is now broken or damaged, a very common and costly problem in North America. Some home owners even pay to heat the gutters... sure it keeps them working but won't protect them from a sliding snow pack or if the power fails.

The snow covered suburbs.


A home in the snow. (no gutters)


A failed gutter.


Another failed gutter.


Even new homes had broken gutters.

Numerous ideas have been used to attempt to alleviate this time old problem, gutter covers, snow fences, heaters and more. There are still thousands of gutters needing repair or replacement in North America and many already have one or more of the above "fixes".




The following emails are just a few


& indicate an immediate need.






How can I get your gutters???

Brandon - Calumet MI

I have a construction buisness in central wyoming on the east side of the wind river mountain range. I often get asked about gutters but everyone is hesitant because they know it wont last through a winter. Especially if it's a metal roof cause all the snow loads seem to come off all at once. I don't blame them though. Could you please send me some information on your product and maybey I can help break the scare?

thank you,
DK Construction - Lander Wy



After a heavier than normal snow fall this winter I am faced with replacing gutters that are at most 6 months old. Mounted below my new metal roof they were just no match for this years wet snow.
Are yours?
Who would I contact on Vancouver Island, B.C.?



I live in WA USA and have a home in Idaho USA.  Your gutters are interesting.  Do you sell in USA ?


Diane Lynn Sargent 



Our lake house in western Washington, USA lost all of its standard K gutters this winter.  Have a proposal from Leaf Guard, a covered gutter, but looking at all possibilities.  What can you propose?  I sense your product is flexible?
Allen Rossman
Woodinville, WA

Do you have a dealer for your gutters in northeast Oregon?

Hi MIck,

Your gutter  system seems to solve the issues of the weight of the snow and ice.   We live in an area surrounded by fir and pine trees.  How do your gutters handle the problem of pine & fir needles clogging up the system?

Do you have a distributor on the Northwest Coast - Vancouver - Seattle are?





Hi Mick,

 I just saw your web site. Product looks great! We just had our regular style gutters ripped off by snow -again!- and I really don't want to put the same thing back on again. Is your product available in western Canada?

Ron B.
Halfmoon Bay, British Columbia.



Dear Mick,
We just had a major snow storm here in Oregon and it took down my new gutters on my horse arena.
How would you like to use my arena as a model to display your gutters here in western Oregon?


I've recently completed a log face home in the .Saranac Lake, NY.  Where and how can I get information and product? Nadine C, Jeff B



Hello Mick, My name is Ernie Kurk. I have a home in the Sierra-Nevada mountains. Is your product available in my area? If so, do you have a local dealer. Can I purchase it and install? Let me know. Thanks in advance.



Can your snow gutters be purchased in USA?  I am a homeowner in Montana.  Gail Bromenshenk


Help, I need gutters in Vermont.
My foundation leaks with every rain.
Is there such a thing as retractable gutters?
If so, how about a side view of the mounting position?
thanks, Celia in Vermont



Hi, Mick,
I am very interested in your gutter design.  I live in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of Colorado at about 9,500 feet.  Last winter we received nearly 14 feet of snow in about 7 weeks.  We also have high winds and drifting snow.
Our roof is designed at a 5/12 pitch and is metal.  In addition to the snow and ice sliding off in the winter we sometimes
get downpours of rain.  Where the valleys are in the eaves, the water rushes off and overshoots any normal gutter.
What design do you have that would block the water coming down in the valley and send it sideways into the gutters?
Where are your products available?  Do you have any distributors in southern Colorado?
Thanks for your help.
Jan Michel



We have a summer home in the Brian Head, Utah area.  We have power but have to provide our own water. My name is Frank M... Santa Clara, Utah  Our home is situated at 9200 feet and receives over 100 inches of snow a year.  The roof is a 10-12 pitch and due to the steepness the snow really slides off the metal roof.  We have 3000 gallons of storage in our water room and I feel we could keep it full with the rain we receive in the summer months. I hope I can adapt your system to catch the summer rains.  My e-mail address is  Please inform me of the way I cna purchase the system and the prices.  Thank you


I have a home in the Central part of Washington State that gets a considerable amount of snowfall in the winter. My home has a metal roof. I am interested in your product for my application. Do you have a distributor or installer in Washington?

 Mike Stone

Underwatersports Inc

I am building a new house in Leavenworth, WA, USA.  Is there somewhere nearby that I can go to look at your gutters?

Tom Roberts


Hello -
Do you have a distributor in Colorado?
Thank you,
Paula Pence



We live in Central Vermont and are in dire need of snow gutters. Do you have any distributors/installers close by.



Hi Mick
We run a aluminium rollform gutter business in South africa and anually replace gutter in our snow areas for insurance companies. This is obviously expensive and insurance companies are loathe to pay for this.
Could you please forward me some basic information on pricing, freighting and fixining etc. as this, if priced correctly, would really appeal to the insurance companies.
I presume this can only be fixed to roof sheeting or do you have a method for concrete tile roofs.
Thanking you in anticipation
yours faithfully
Wayne carruthers


So how does the flexible system interface with down spots or rain leaders?


Bruce Armold




We live in Washington State USA and have a piece of property in the eastern portion of the state. The place is situated at roughly 1000 meters elevation on the leeward side of the “Cascade” mountain range, the land is arid, with pine and scrub brush abounding. I believe the average precipitation is less then a meter per year and most of that comes as snowfall.

The property is remote, without power or other distributed utilities. We hope to fit the roof and cabin with a rainwater collection system.

We have the storage part of the problem figured out but the gutters are the immediate concern.


We need to find a system that can stand up to moderate or heavy snowfall yet at the same time capture a good portion of the snowmelt and rainwater for our future use. I found your web site via an internet search for “Snow gutters” and they look interesting. The photos of the test house and surrounding area look similar to the type of conditions we deal with and well, I’m interested knowing if you sell your product here in the states? If so, could you email me the name of your distributor or additional information on the costs and how I might install this product?

Mark and Mary


Do you sell the gutters in Canada or the US? If so where can I get them?

Trevor BC

Your guttering system looks very appealing.  I am at 9000 ft in the San Juan range of the Rockies.  We have just built a log home and I am looking for a system to deal with the thaw and to save to water also.  Would you please send me your information so I can show it to my contractor and the pricing also. My address is 2281 Vickers Lane, Lake City, Colorado, 81235. My name is Brenda Rock.  I would appreciate this as winter is coming. 

Thanks---  in advance.

Brenda Rock

Where can I find a distributor of your snow gutters. I live in southwest Colorado.

 Jim Smith

I consider your product revolutionary. I live in snow country and there is a definite need for your gutter. Do you have a timeline of availability in Canada? I'm in need of a gutter and would rather put yours on than any other. Is it possible to get a quote in Australian dollars, for a 57 foot roofline? Thank you for your time & have a good day.  

Sincereley, Paul M Long

Where in New York / New Jersey area can this product be purchased and what is cost per foot?

 Thanks for your time Pat


 I live in Maine.  Do you have any dealers here in the US?

 M.E. Stanley


We live on Mt. Mansfield in Vermont. We would like more information about where to obtain your snow gutters. We are having a metal roof installed this summer. Getting the gutters on at the same time would be nice. Water conservation up here is important to us as well. Thank you for your assistance. We hope this is the answer to our dilemma.

Kate Salerno

I would like to purchase your snow gutters, if such is possible. I have a double A-frame or an A frame with a wing. When it rains or snows, excessive water accumulates at the right angle intersections of the structure. I am high in the Pocono mountains and the winter snow can be severe, snow accumulating to 5-7 feet. I am on the downside of a slope. I know that any conventional gutter will not withstand the snow slides from the roof, as they are massive and of great force. Is there any way you can ship the gutters from Australia if I can give you the measurements?

Bob Bunch

Dear Sirs


I am interested in trying out your snow gutters in my lake Tahoe house in California. Do you have out lets in  California? or do you sell direct ,if so what is the price?


Ray Casso

Well hello down there,


I found your snow gutter and it is very interesting. I’ve spent nearly all my adult life in the gutter business and I think I’ve seen just about everything in the gutter business. I am the president of the “American Association of Rain Carrying Systems Installation Specialist” We have our national convention in Orlando in late July early August. I have a large rain gutter business in West Michigan. I am on the road this year representing many manufacturers with products for the rain gutter industry I would like a sample of your product sent so that might see if there may be some opportunity for us to do some business if you are looking for someone like me.



I just moved to a small town in Idaho(USA) where no house has gutters because they always get removed from ice dams. Being an engineer, I started thinking about making my own retractable gutters when ice damming occurs. After looking at yours I am more interested in just buying them. Where can I buy them and do you need a distributor or rep in Idaho?







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